Joey & Tank

**Bonded Pair**

 2 male pugs

Joey - age approx 9 years

Tank - age approx 15 

We are Joey (age 9) and Tank (age 15). We came from a pretty tough situation, but are settling into a regular home, with regular hours, and a regular routine, and we are figuring it out! We are both working on our house manners, and Joey is learning how to walk on a leash and not trip Foster Mom. We may not be actual brothers, but we have spent our life together, and need to stay together.

Tank is 15, deaf, and mostly blind, but once he figures out the lay of the house, he navigates fine. He’s in great shape for being this much of a senior. He breathes pretty hard some of the time, but then settles down and snoozes. He has been content to sleep through the night in a cozy crate.

Joey is 9, NOT fond of a crate, and a bit overweight because he cleans his brother’s bowl! He is a super love bug, wants lots and lots of attention, and will muscle his way in to get it!

Both boys are handsome, Velcro pugs. If an instant family is something you might like, apply online and note that you are interested in The Boys!

Please contact AZ Pug Life Rescue if you would like to meet me.  Thank you!

Adoption Fee:  $450

For more information on what we provide for our animals, please see our Adoption page. If you're interested in adopting me, please fill out the online Adoption Application and Adoption Agreement, and one of our volunteers will get back to you as soon as possible (we try to do this within the next three days). You can also contact us with any questions you may have.

We do not charge an application fee for any of our pups!

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