The first couple days were a bit difficult. He barked ... a lot... Luckily my neighbor didn't say anything. Maybe he was nervous, who knows. He has quieted down now and seldom barks. A very light woof is about it.

There are a lot of interesting things in the yard, I live on the edge of the forest and people walk by with their dogs to the trail. Also, squirrels, the tree demons, tease the dogs a lot. And of course there are many smells.

He LOVES going for walks in the woods. He loves sleeping with me. He is getting along with my other dogs, my two cats, and my foster kittens. He pretty much ignores the cats.

I had him sleep in the crate the first couple nights but he proved himself, and I don't crate him at all now. He sleeps with me. I haven't seen him mark at all except for the first day.  He loves sitting and napping on the couch. He has his own spot now.

He seems to have been hit on his head at some point in his life. He's pretty head shy. Sometimes I hate people. I think he was pretty sad at first. He is perking up and plays sometimes and gets the zoomies, which I love.  His little curly tail is wagging more and more every day.  He wants his breakfast now!  Thank you for saving him.


Oh my gosh!!! We are soooo incredibly in love with Gomez!!! He is seriously one of the sweetest pups ever and he fits into our family perfectly! We are so grateful!!!! Thank you!!!!

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